AAO Online Lectures is now making available all 2018-19 Business of Orthodontics webinars, at no cost. Visit the Business of Orthodontics page at Online Lectures to access:

The Top 10 Systems That Grow the Practice Today, by Char Eash

Partnerships: Exploring One of Dentistry’s Fastest Growing Trends, by Jonathan Martin, CPA

Five Ways to Rate Your CPA’s Effectiveness, by Andrew Tucker, JD, CPA, CFP®, MTWM

Compensation Models During Career Transition: Associates, Buyers & Sellers, by Doug Copple, CVA

A Low Fee Model is Not Your Only Option: How to Grow a High Quality Orthodontic Practice Using Digital Marketing, by Leon Klempner, DDS

Archived Doctors and Orthodontic Staff Lectures Address Key Topics of Interest

In addition, the Doctors Lectures page at Online Lectures now features presentations from the 2018-19 webinar series at $30 each (pay-per-view). Offerings include the three lectures on clear aligners from 2018-19 (by Dr. Clark Colville, Dr. Mazyar Moshiri and Dr. Sam Daher).

Ten lectures from the 2019 Winter Conference, “Sleep Apnea and Orthodontics: Consensus and Guidance” are also available in Online Lectures at $30 pay-per-view (or, purchase the entire Winter Conference series at Conference Archives for $175).

To receive unlimited free access to all Online Lectures for a year, purchase a subscription for $100 when you renew your annual dues.

Lectures for Orthodontic Staff from the 2018-19 series have also been added to Online Lectures, also at $30 pay-per-view.* Augment your team’s training with high-quality, cost-effective educational programs on practice management topics, coding, OSHA/safety, clinical photography and more.

* Members of the Orthodontic Staff Club receive free access to all Online Lectures. Enroll your entire team in the club for a year for $50.