The AAO Board of Trustees met recently in St. Louis, taking actions on issues and electing to recommend numerous resolutions to the 2017 House of Delegates. Among the items submitted to the House of Delegates will be 2017-18 budget recommendations reflecting the AAO’s operating objectives and strategic direction.

The Board took action on the following items during the meeting:

One-Day Practice Management Seminar Program to Continue in 2017-18

Based on positive evaluations from participants in the first 2016-17 one-day practice management seminar, two one-day practice management seminars will be scheduled during 2017-18. (The 2016-17 seminar, “The Successful Orthodontist:  Begin to Maximize Your Profitability Now,” featuring John K. McGill and Landy Chase, will be repeated May 13 in Chicago. Registration is open.)

Board Initiative Aims to Strengthen the MATCH Program

The National Matching Services Inc. Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program (MATCH) is used by 64 of 74 orthodontic residency programs in the United States and Canada. The AAO Council on Orthodontic Education (COE) has raised concerns about orthodontic residency candidates who apply for positions with MATCH programs, but then join non-MATCH programs for fear the MATCH programs may not accept them. The AAO Board will approach other dental specialties that participate in the MATCH program to develop recommendations for strengthening the MATCH and the commitment of the participating candidates.

Dr. DeWayne McCamish, AAO president, outlines the issues affecting the MATCH program and other topics addressed by the Board during its meeting in a recent Business of Orthodontics Podcast.

White Paper on Practice Modality Options to Be Expanded

The AAO developed and published a white paper outlining practice modality options. The Council on Orthodontic Health Care will form a task force to further develop the paper for the benefit of younger members looking at various practice modalities.

Society of Educators to Honor Dr. Rolf Behrents

Dr. Rolf Behrents, editor-in-chief of the AJO-DO and chair of the Department of Orthodontics at the Saint Louis University Center for Continuing Dental Education, will be the honoree for the Society of Educators Program at the 2018 Annual Session. (The 2017 program, which will be April 21 in San Diego, honors Dr. Ram S. Nanda, professor emeritus at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, where he taught for 34 years.)

Member Practice Surveys to Continue

As it has done in recent years, the AAO will continue to conduct the Economics of Orthodontics Survey and the Member Practice Environment Survey. Data from the surveys are utilized in strategic planning and program/resource development. For example, the free Business of Orthodontics webinar series and archives (online lecture repository) were created in response to member survey data.

AAO Input on Breathing Disorders to Be Forwarded to American Dental Association

In response to an American Dental Association request that each specialty provide input to the ADA’s new breathing disorders policy, the AAO will forward to the ADA a position statement drafted by the AAO Council on Scientific Affairs. When the updated ADA policy is approved, it will be posted on

Leadership Development Conference to Take Place Annually

The Board will study and re-launch a training program for constituent and component volunteers, which will now be titled the AAO Leadership Development Conference. Formerly known as the President-Elect’s Conference, the meeting will take place each year and will include in-person and virtual opportunities for learning about the AAO and leadership opportunities.

Next Board Self-Evaluation to Take Place This Summer

The Board of Trustees has a policy of conducting a self-evaluation every three years.  The next self-evaluation will take place in summer 2017.

Membership Cards to Be Downloadable

With many AAO members paying dues online, the custom of including a paper membership card is obsolete. Therefore, the membership renewal form will not include a cut-out membership card and will result in a small cost savings. Members who wish to have a membership card will be able to download one online.

In addition, Board members received information from three presenters:

● Practice consultant Chris Bentson spoke on emerging trends in technology and their impact on practice value and profitability. The Board will use the information in the association strategic planning process.

● Matt Braun of the Loyalty Research Group presented the methodology to be used for an independent study of the AAO Consumer Awareness Program. The tracking study, which will soon get underway, will be used with Google Analytics to track AAO social media programs and their impact on consumers.

● Katie Maassen, director of marketing and communications for the AAO, presented a change in direction for the Consumer Awareness program that will significantly expand the program’s focus on digital marketing. Look for a report on recently implemented digital enhancements to the CAP program in the news section of the April Practice Management Bulletin.