The AAO Board of Trustees has approved a proposal to conduct new Consumer Awareness Program (CAP) research that will examine the consumer’s orthodontic treatment decision-making process.

Convening recently during a virtual meeting, the Board also acted on the following:

Non-Orthodontists’ Misrepresentation of Themselves as Orthodontists

●  The Committee on Technology (CTECH) will examine the feasibility of creating an easy-to-use mechanism that facilitates AAO members’ reporting of non-orthodontists who are misrepresenting themselves as orthodontists to the public.

● CTECH will also explore options to better differentiate orthodontists from general dentists when it comes to website listings or advertising of orthodontic services, orthodontics and other services that could confuse the public.

Relationships with Dental Service Organizations

● The AAO will initiate a reciprocal, non-voting partnership category for Dental Service Organizations (DSOs), which will be known as AAO Professional Partner. The AAO has an ongoing dialogue with Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) in an effort to gain a better understanding of corporate practices that employ current and potential AAO members.

● The AAO will accept an invitation to join the Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) as a corporate member.

Improving Ease of Navigation on the Member Website

A website usability study that was approved by the Board will address the issue of improving navigation on

Branded Technology Track at Annual Session

The Committee on Technology (CTECH) will work with Annual Session planning committees to implement the Doctors Scientific Program technology lectures as a branded “Tech Talk” track.

Graduate Medical Education (GME) Funding

Due to a complex set of rules, federal funds for Graduate Medical Education (GME) are available to some, but not all dental residency programs. The AAO Council on Governmental Affairs (COGA) will explore how modifications to GME rules could help make the program more equitable to all dental programs.

Independent Specialty Recognition Board

The American Dental Association is exploring whether it should continue its role in dental specialty recognition because of recent legal decisions in some states. While the AAO supports the ADA’s discussions, the Dental Specialty Group (DSG), in which the AAO participates, is exploring ways to form an independent body. The Board allocated $5,000 to support research on how such an entity could operate.

2016 Fiscal Year Financial Audit

The Board accepted the results of the annual audit from Rubin Brown, which generated no management notes or recommendations for the 7th consecutive year.

Annual Session Advisory Committee

The BOT will be appointing an expertise-based advisory group to work with the Annual Session planning committees with the goal of evaluating new speakers and programs and maintaining its future relevance.

WFO Faculty Attendance at the Society of Educators Meeting

International faculty who are members of the World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO) may attend the Society of Educators (SOE) meeting that takes place at the AAO Annual Session.