AAO member grassroots engagement and AAOPAC fundraising break all-time records

Thank you to all AAO members who advocated for their patients and the orthodontic profession this past fiscal year- a record-breaking 3,200 times!* The AAO made tremendous advances into uncharted territory through policy offense and defense this fiscal year in Nevada, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Washington State.

Workforce initiatives are currently ongoing and supported by grassroots engagements in Michigan, New York, North Dakota, Maryland, and Ontario.

To boost our efforts, over 300 unique, customized advocacy resources were created to better tell our story and explain AAO policy priorities to decision-makers. These included one-pagers, social media messaging, press releases, videos, specialty collateral, etc. Earned media (media coverage) also helped raise awareness of AAO policy priorities.

Additionally, more than 12 training and virtual grassroots advocacy events for AAO members included insider updates from AAO contract lobbyists, a meeting of AAO members currently serving on state dental boards, and a Women in the Workforce roundtable.  

The award-winning National Advocacy Network (NAN) continues to grow across the United States and Canada after its first full year. We are grateful to be able to recognize a strong leadership team including 19 AAOPAC State Captains, 24 Component Advocacy Liaisons (CAL), and 15 CAL team members. In this first year, 33 states and 3 provinces are already represented, and we look forward to continuing to fill roles in each state and province in this fiscal year.

Our goal is to have full NAN coverage throughout United States and Canada.  We are currently recruiting for additional roles.  If you are interested in learning more and getting involved, we want to speak with you! Please text the word “NAN” to the number 52886. 

This fiscal year also kicked off the 30th Anniversary of the AAOPAC! The AAOPAC Hall of Fame was created and the Inaugural Class was inducted and celebrated in Washington, DC, celebrating Dr. Dean Jensen, Dr. Norman Nagel, and Dr. Dennis Sommers.

The AAOPAC also broke the all-time fundraising record for a fiscal year (previous record in 2023: $427,851) and crushed the $430,000.94 goal by raising $473,942.89 between June 1, 2023, and May 31, 2024 (110%). Thanks to all contributors helping to achieve this monumental goal for maximum advocacy impact.

To learn more about the successes of AAO Advocacy and AAOPAC during FY24 (June 1, 2023-May 31, 2024), please see the AAO Advocacy Fiscal Year 2024 Dashboard. The dashboard touches on many aspects of how AAO Advocacy and AAOPAC worked together through grassroots engagement across the country, to influence AAO policy priorities at the Federal and State levels.

Access the FY24 Dashboard

Please make a 2024 AAOPAC contribution now by going to AAOPAC.org. Thank you to all AAO advocates and AAOPAC supporters throughout the FY23-24 fiscal year.  We are looking forward to more positive advocacy impact for our AAO policy priorities in the new year ahead!

* Grassroots advocacy actions include contacting state or federal lawmakers in support of AAO legislative public policy priorities, participation in state-level advocacy events or participating in the national AAO Professional Advocacy Conference.