As part of a collaboration with business analytics provider, Gaidge, after each calendar quarter the AAO receives and shares with members key metrics compiled from a subset of Gaidge client practices. This subset includes:

● Single-doctor practices under $1 million in quarterly productivity; and
● Multi-location practices with up to 10 locations.

The purpose of the collaboration is to aid members with assessment of practice health, short-term and long-term goal-setting and other key practice processes.

Third Quarter (July – September) 2019
The 3rd quarter report from Gaidge shows increases in production, exams and starts as compared with Q3 2018.

• Production showed healthy growth with Single Doctor practices posting Net Production of $643,712 up 4.6%, while Production Per Doctor in Multi-Doctor Practice grew 4.2% to $439,695.

• Exams increased in both Single Doctor and Multi-Doctor practices, up 4.5% and 2.0% respectively with both Adult and Child exams increasing in both practice modalities.

• Starts also increased in both Single Doctor and Multi-Doctor practices, up 4.0% and 5.6% respectively.

• Aligner Starts grew most significantly, up 13.6% among Single Doctor Practices and up 10.8% in Multi-Doctor practices.

• Conversion rate with Multi-Doctor Practices increased 2% while Single Doctor Practices was virtually unchanged at -.1%.

Click here to view the complete Gaidge quarterly report.