Dr. Martin Palomo, a member of AAO’s Committee on Technology (CTECH), recently presented updated CBCT research on the AAO’s behalf to the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging (the Image Gently Alliance).  Image Gently’s mission is to improve safe and effective imaging care of children worldwide through advocacy.
According to Dr. Palomo, Image Gently has accepted and implemented the AAO’s revisions to its website. The AAO language included:

● “Recent advances of low-dose CBCT options exposes the patients to less or equivalent radiation to commonly used dental imaging modalities (Ludlow 2013)”; and
● “Use CBCT when appropriate and use the low-dose CBCT option if available and appropriate.”

“These statements now appear throughout the Image Gently website and replace, ‘Use CBCT only when necessary,’ and ‘Taking a CBCT image results in more radiation dose to the child than other commonly used dental images,’” says Dr. Palomo.