During the past year, the AAO Consumer Awareness Program’s digital marketing efforts have vastly expanded public exposure to the AAO’s accurate information about orthodontic treatment and the importance of seeing a specialist.  Recent achievements include:

  • So far during Fiscal Year 2017-18, AAO text ads with messages like, “Straighten Teeth the Right Way – See an AAO Orthodontist,” have appeared in results of over 5 million Google searches pertaining to orthodontic treatment and brought many new visitors to the AAO consumer website.
  • Monthly visits to the consumer website, aaoinfo.org, are up 6,100 percent.  In February 2018, the site had over 700,000 visitors, as compared with February 2017, when it had about 10,000 visitors.
  • Consumer Awareness Program content is on social platforms such as FacebookTwitter and YouTube. (Click on each name to follow those channels). So far in FY18, over 51 million unique consumers have seen AAO social media ads an average of 7-8 times. The average monthly Facebook reach now exceeds 20 million.
  • New creative formats and campaign strategies driving consumer engagement and additional exposure have included the AAO’s recent video, “Normal People vs. The Professionals,” which launched on Buzzfeed in December 2017, and the National Orthodontic Health Month social media and public relations campaign, “Seven Myths about Orthodontic Treatment.”
  • A Google brand engagement study of an AAO YouTube video showed that it was viewed by 4.8 million unique users, who were 615 percent more likely to search for AAO terms than users who were not exposed to the video.
  • Many consumers visiting aaoinfo.org search for member orthodontists on the Find an Orthodontist locator, which now includes a Request an Appointment option.  This option is automatically provided for each member for whom the AAO has a business email address on file* (the email address is not publicly displayed). Search results for the locator are ordered by proximity to the address entered in the search box.

* Your practice website address will also be displayed on your Find an Orthodontist locator listing if the AAO has your practice URL in our database. To add an email address or web URL to your member profile:

  1. Visit the AAO member website, http://www.aaoinfo.org/members
  2. Sign in with your username and password.
  3. Click on “My AAO” near your name the top of the page.
  4. Click on “AAO Member Profile.”
  5. Click on “Edit” (in green) next to Demographic Information if you need to update your demographic information.
  6. Click on “Edit” (in green) next to Contact Information to add or update your email address or website URL, by clicking the green word, ADD, next to My Email Addresses or My Websites.
    • When adding an email address, you will have the option to select “business” or “personal” using a pulldown feature. The Request an Appointment function on the Find an Orthodontist locator will only work if you input a business email address.
    • When adding a website URL, confirm that it is your primary website address by clicking on YES below the text box.
  7. After adding your email address or website URL, click the SAVE button.