The 2020 AAO Board of Trustees is issuing a call to members to consider joining the newly forming Committee on Conferences (CCon). If you’ve been looking for a new opportunity to get involved – and if you are passionate about the value of continuing education through face-to-face meetings, this opportunity is for you!

Working alongside AAO Staff, CCon members will ensure that all AAO events engage and delight our membership, while providing the most advanced education available. CCon members will directly impact the value of AAO conferences, by making sure that all programming and content reflects the AAO core values.

Any AAO member with an interest in working on AAO conferences – or previous experience working on a conference committee – may be nominated (by themselves or others). Qualified CCon applicants will provide meaningful insight and leverage their professional relationships in order to cultivate timely and relevant meetings and conferences. If you are considering nominating yourself or another, here are some of the details you should know:

Volunteer Member Commitment:

As a member of CCon, volunteers will be asked to make the following commitments to the AAO:

• Attend one 3-day, 2-night planning meeting in June/July of each year;
• Join conference calls as needed throughout the year, as schedule allows;
• Members who work on the Winter Conference sub-committee shall attend the Winter Conference annually during term of service;
• All members shall attend the Annual Session annually during term of service;
• Perform functions on-site at each conference as specified by assigned sub-committee;
• Attend and provide feedback on other dental/ortho conferences as requested by Committee.

Committee Member Benefits:

In exchange for their service and depending on the assigned sub-committee, committee members will be eligible to receive the following benefits:
• Complimentary AAO conference registrations  and travel expense reimbursement;
• Registration and Travel Expense Reimbursement when attendance at other dental/ortho conferences is requested by committee.

Other Helpful Details:

• Members of CCon shall be selected based on their expertise rather than by constituent representation;
• Members of this committee will be selected so as to represent as many diverse demographics and viewpoints as possible;
• Members of CCon shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees;
• Members of CCon shall serve for a term of 4 years, with a 2-term limit;
• Non-orthodontists who are active members of the AAO community may be considered to serve on this committee (Staff Club Member or Supplier, for example);
• The first meeting of CCon shall occur June 24-26, 2020 in Boston, MA.

How to Apply:

Members who are interested in being considered for CCon or in nominating a colleague, should submit their Curriculum Vitae to Libby Dischert, AAO Director of Meetings, by January 31, 2020. Nominee information will be gathered for consideration by the members of the AAO Board of Trustees following the 2020 Winter Conference.