New Influencers Campaign Amplified the Orthodontic Message

In early November, the AAO Consumer Awareness Program (CAP) launched its first social media influencers campaign of Fiscal Year 2020-21.

The campaign complemented “The Precocious Kid” video series (see below) by involving influencers’ families in sharing the orthodontic message about the need to have an orthodontic check-up by age 7. The AAO sponsored posts on feeds distributed by five influencers on Instagram, whose combined audience is nearly 900,000.

The posts resulted in nearly 160,000 engagements (comments and clicks) and drove more than 1,230 users to the Find an Orthodontist locator on the AAO consumer website,

Among the positive commenters, one mom said, “This is such helpful information!! My parents hardly ever took me to the dentist and never took me to the orthodontist, and now, as an adult, it’s going to be a costly investment to fix what could’ve been prevented with early intervention. Definitely a priority with my own kids!”

A social media influencer is one whose authority, knowledge, position or relationship with his/her audience is so strong that the influencer impacts purchasing decisions or choices in aspects of life such as healthcare. The AAO focuses its influencer campaigns on Instagram, one of the primary social media outlets where many influencers have become prominent and attracted large followings.

Influencers who focus on motherhood content share high-quality photos of their families and communicate with their followers to provide inspiration and tips about raising children.

Precocious Kid Series Reached 9.5 Million in Its First Month

In the wake of the successful “Happy Mouth Now” video campaign series that extended from May-September 2020, in mid-October the AAO Consumer Awareness Program (CAP) launched a new digital campaign, “The Precocious Kid.”

Set around a sharp-witted kid with an affinity for household chores, the videos convey the importance of children seeing an orthodontic professional by age 7.

Debuting with “Under the Bread” and continuing with “The Leaky Faucet” and “The Laundry,” social media posts showcasing the new CAP videos take users to the Find an Orthodontist locator at the consumer website,

During its first month, the Precocious Kid campaign reached over 9.5 million individuals in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, garnering more than 25 million impressions (instances of the AAO video ad appearing before a consumer).

These data include over 8 million views of campaign videos on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. In total, the ads have directed over 425,000 consumers to the AAO consumer website.

To view the Precocious Kid video series, click here.