The campaign will include expert insight from a real AAO orthodontist – starting with Dr. Alex Thomas and followed by Dr. Larry Wang in “Straight Talk News,” which addresses the importance of taking children to see an orthodontist by age 7.

Watch the eBulletin and follow AAO social media to view the complete series. The spots launched/will launch on the following dates:

April 28 – Straight Talk News

June 12 – Red Carpet

Along with other recent campaigns, the Straight Talk playlist is available on the AAO’s consumer YouTube channel,, with new spots being added as they launch. To see each spot as it debuts, you may also watch for updates in the eBulletin and follow the AAO on Facebook or Instagram.

The all-digital Consumer Awareness Program exceeded its goals for fiscal year 2023 ending May 31 with 6+ million visits to the AAO consumer website (32% over our goal of 4.65 million visits).

In January 2023, the AAO launched a new version of the consumer website with a refreshed look and enhanced user experience. It is optimized for search engines to drive organic traffic. Work is ongoing to ensure that the website content remains relevant, educational, and accurate.

New Influencer Campaign Launches

The AAO also has a new influencer campaign in partnership with the Holderness Family. This family of internet personalities is best known for their Facebook and YouTube channels with over 6 million followers. Holderness Family videos have over 1 billion views.

Both the dad, Penn Sr., and the son, Penn Charles, are going through orthodontic treatment together. They will be creating engaging content highlighting the importance of seeing an orthodontist.

View the Holderness Family Video,
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

As we look ahead to the 2024 fiscal year, we are excited about some very interesting partnerships and outreach opportunities to enhance the AAO efforts to educate consumers on the importance of seeing an AAO orthodontist and extending our reach to new audiences.