As we all know, every AAO orthodontist is unique. Our 18,500 members around the world are humanitarians, philanthropists, entertainers, educators and community leaders. And while the diversity of our members is a strength of the AAO, there is one common bond that unites orthodontists: the passion for problem-solving that doesn’t stop when you leave the office. 

This is the theme of the AAO’s newest Consumer Awareness Program (CAP) campaign, Serial Straighteners, which you can view here. In one example, a woman pauses as she leaves home to straighten a frame on the wall. In another, a man walks down the aisle of a grocery store, casually pushing a box of pasta back in place on the shelf. At a bustling birthday celebration, a woman subtly straightens silverware that is ever so slightly askew. And in the final example, a man with a passion for straightness eyes his car carefully to ensure it’s parked evenly within the lines.

As we finally retreat to an orthodontist’s office, the voiceover ties it all together: “When it comes to straightening, we’re the experts. Find an orthodontist near you at”

This is just the latest in the AAO’s series of award-winning CAP campaigns, aimed at urging consumers to view the Find an Orthodontist locator and visit an AAO member near them. The campaign employs friendly and relatable circumstances to remind consumers that our members are fervent in their quest to get thing straight – both in and out of the office.

The objective with AAO CAP campaigns is to promote AAO orthodontists to the general public, while educating consumers on why they should see an orthodontist for orthodontic treatment. As this campaign indicates, orthodontists are deeply committed to their craft and the specialty, resulting in treatment that gives patients their best smile.

The AAO’s Consumer Awareness Program is the only mass-market campaign designed to introduce the benefits of orthodontic treatment. Key to the campaign – particularly in today’s world of direct-to-consumer everything – is to promote the importance and value of receiving care from qualified professionals, namely, orthodontists.

The digitally-focused effort uses a wide range of free and paid tactics to drive traffic to AAO’s consumer-facing website, In FY20-21 alone, CAP ads drove over 4.8 million consumers to the AAO consumer website. We continue to post to major social media channels on a regular basis with informative, entertaining and engaging content.

Learn more about the CAP, view these videos and incorporate them into your practice’s social media by visiting