As orthodontists look for ways to use their time productively while offices are closed, many are becoming interested in conducting virtual consultations. Below are some helpful tools and resources for connecting virtually with prospective patients and preparing them to start treatment as soon as your office re-opens.

The Virtual Consultation Process: Webinar from Trapezio

AAO-endorsed orthodontic staff training provider Trapezio gave us permission to share a webinar, “Virtual Exams Made Easy: The Vaccine Your Practice Needs,” by Tracy Martin. This webinar provides an introduction to virtual consultations including:

  • A detailed overview of before/during/after patient communication related to virtual consultations;
  • Solutions to process challenges such as coaching patients on taking consultation photos a home for submission to the orthodontic practice;
  • Privacy information pertaining to commonly used video conferencing platforms and upgrade options for some platforms.
    View “Virtual Exams Made Easy: The Vaccine Your Practice Needs”

Virtual Consultation Platform: AAO Endorses SmileSnap

To help members implement virtual consults and visits due to COVID-19, AAO swiftly evaluated SmileSnap and negotiated exclusive discounted pricing for AAO members. We are very happy to be collaborating with SmileSnap to offer a solution that will enhance AAO members’ ability to connect with patients who are considering orthodontic treatment and with patients in active treatment.

The AAO vetted multiple possible providers and selected SmileSnap because they provide solutions for both virtual consultations to help orthodontists increase patient starts. and virtual visits with their new video solution to enable orthodontists to remotely monitor patient progress and identify possible orthodontic emergencies. Both of these solutions are HIPAA compliant.

Visit to learn more. To take advantage of AAO special pricing, go to the Sign Up page and enter AAO in the “Have a referral or promo code?” box.

Virtual Consultation Implementation Resources from SmileSnap

SmileSnap offers how-to information in Guide to Engagement: How to Boost Virtual Consultation Usage. The guide covers communicating about the virtual consultation option, personalizing virtual consultation tools, maximizing engagement using multi-step forms, incorporating a call to action and follow-up.
Access Guide to Engagement: How to Boost Virtual Consultation Usage

* Please note that the AAO believes there are certain diagnoses and evaluations that can only be performed in-person or are best performed in-person (X-rays, etc.), and as a result, the AAO believes orthodontic TREATMENT should not begin before a physical, in-person examination/evaluation of the patient has occurred by a state-licensed dentist.