Printed versions of “Problems to Watch for in Adults,” “Problems to Watch for in 7-Year-Olds” and “Problems to Watch for in Growing Children” are available from the AAO Online Store at the member cost of $13.50 for a pack of 50. The latter two consumer education flyers are also available in Spanish. *

  •  “Problems to Watch for in Adults” is designed to educate dental professionals about orthodontic problems that occur in adults. The guide features 12 photos of adult malocclusions and other helpful information.
  • “Problems to Watch for in 7-Year-Olds” provides dentists, dental hygienists and pediatricians with an educational tool showing nine common problems in 7-year-olds. The flier also serves as an orthodontic referral reminder.
  • “Problems to Watch for in Growing Children” covers nine common malocclusions that may benefit from early diagnosis and referral to an orthodontic specialist for a full evaluation. It is appropriate for parents and may be useful to dentists or pediatricians as an in-office handout.

Online Store Offers Wide Range of Resources for Orthodontic Practices

The AAO Online Store offers many products such as:
● Risk management DVDs for orthodontists, prepared by the AAO Insurance Company;
● Printed version of the informed consent form developed by the AAO (also available in Spanish) and related forms including the Medical/Dental History form, patient transfer forms and more;
● AAO logo material. The desk sign and business card holder indicate to patients that you are a member of the AAO;
● Many other educational DVDs and printed consumer education brochures and flyers.

The Online Store also accepts contributions to the AAO Foundation, the AAO Disaster Relief Fund and AAO Donated Orthodontic Services.
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* If preferred, all three flyers described above, and many other consumer education materials, are also available online for free download.
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** Click here to access downloadable informed consent forms.

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