Do you or your team have insurance concerns related to claims management, provider agreements or other issues? If so, the AAO Orthodontic Practice and HR Resources Kit is a one-stop shop for your insurance information needs.

Insurance-related information has been updated for 2017.  Insurance resources address:

  • Claims – including process management and coding FAQs;
  • Coding – including the AAO “At-A-Glance” Guide to CDT-2017 Version Orthodontic Codes, Tooth Notation Methods and Stages of Dental Development;
  • Coordination of Benefits – including the Coordination of Benefits Model Regulation and the AAO guide, Coordination of Dental/Orthodontic Benefits;
  • Insurance Audits – information to be aware of if you receive an audit letter;
  • Provider Fees and Agreements – including Dental Contracts 101, Evaluating Provider Agreements, and additional resources.

In addition, the Dental Personnel compilation includes a sample employment background check release and sample applications for dental office employment.  The Legal Summaries portion of the kit directs the user to the Legal and Advocacy section.

Click here to access Orthodontic Practice Insurance and HR Resources (2017 Version)
(Scroll down to Insurance and HR Resources and click on the first item.  Log-in will be required.)