The AAO’s new one-day meeting, “The Successful Orthodontist – Begin to Maximize Your Profitability Now!” debuted in Denver in August and will be repeated in Chicago on May 13, 2017. As at the first meeting, attendees in Chicago will gain comprehensive strategies for increasing patient acceptance rates and practice profitability via two lectures, including:

● How to Run a More Profitable Practice, by John K. McGill, CPA, MBA, JD (8 a.m. – noon)

● YES to Treatment: Case Acceptance Skills for the Orthodontic Practice, by Landy Chase, MBA, CSP (1 p.m. – 5 p.m.)
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Reviews of First One-Day Meeting Are Positive
Attendee comments on the lecture at the first profitability meeting in Denver included:

● (John McGill lecture): “The speaker has undeniable credentials but, more importantly, presents his facts in ways that ring true with me, a nearly 40 year practitioner. I find myself wishing I had been more attentive to those principles over the last decades. However, still having the passion for practicing, I may be doing so for another 15 years, and it's never too late to get smart!”

● (Landy Chase lecture): “I had seen Landy before and this allowed me to go back and initiate the changes we hadn't made yet.”

The meeting offers 7.0 CE credits.