Orthodontists worldwide face uncertainty with Coronavirus and what it means to them, their practices and their patients. Despite navigating through unprecedented times, they are innovating, giving back to their communities and making a difference. Take a look at some of the creative things your AAO colleagues are up to.

Helping the Community

The saying goes, those who can, should. And that’s exactly what some AAO orthodontists are doing. With PPE supplies running on short supply in high-demand areas, orthodontists have a unique opportunity to serve our brothers and sisters in healthcare during this critical time.

Causey Orthodontics created a video on how to 3-D print a mask that may help healthcare providers in areas where there is a shortage of masks. View the video and learn more about their efforts.

OX Orthodontix took to Instagram to spread the message of helping others when you can with donations. “We care about our community,” they wrote. “Today, we donated exam gloves to Howard County General.”

Going Virtual

Despite office closures nationwide, some orthodontic patients are hardly missing a beat.

At Prero Orthodontics, patients are still being cared for during their time away from the in-office visits. Dr. Prero took to Instagram to say, “In addition, I will be available daily for your virtual visit to our office. This means that if you have any questions, or your appointment has been cancelled or rescheduled, or you have an upcoming appointment, I have made myself available directly to text any questions or photos.”

Having Fun With Patients From Afar

Patients may not be able to have fun with you in-person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay top-of-mind.

Associated Orthodontics told its patients to “Get your crayons ready and your creative brain in gear” for a fun coloring contest.

And we’re sure you’re just getting started. Tell us what you’ve been up to at bcramer@aaortho.org.