The AAO has been working to identify viable resources for members needing to order PPE while preparing for reopening of offices during coming days, weeks and months. We are communicating with our industry suppliers in order to identify those best-positioned and willing to fulfill large orders from AAO members for PPE, especially masks, face shields, gowns and gloves, in a cost-efficient and time-efficient manner.

Below is information from suppliers that have responded to our query including pricing, where provided. The AAO does not endorse any particular supplier or producer of PPE.

Recent additions to this page have included sections highlighting suppliers of non-PPE products that have become of increased interest to some AAO members during the pandemic, including remote monitoring/virtual appointment technologies, and partitions and dividers.


There are many complexities surrounding N95 masks and federally authorized KN95 masks, and the AAO is researching these on an ongoing basis. When preparing to purchase these masks, it may be helpful to first review OSHA’s guidance on occupational exposures (scroll down to Respiratory Protection Flexibilitiesat right).

Notes on PPE Pricing and Regulatory Compliance

N95 face masks are regulated by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Concerns have been raised about counterfeit versions of N95 masks entering the market. The CDC has outlined signs that a product may be counterfeit in its guide, “Counterfeit Respirators / Misrepresentation of NIOSH-Approval.”

Since May 2020, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has continued to update its emergency authorization list of non-NIOSH-approved KN95 masks produced in China. To view the list of the approved mask types/facilities, please click here.

The AAO has designated below suppliers offering N95 or KN95 masks, whose responses to our query on this topic indicated:
▪ That they purchase N95 masks from U.S.-based company on the CDC’s list of NIOSH-approved producers of N95 masks.- OR
▪ That they purchase KN95 masks from a company on the list of approved facilities in China (see above).

If considering the purchase of these masks from other suppliers, the AAO recommends inquiring about the supplier’s history of purchasing such masks from its current manufacturer and what standards the masks have been validated as meeting. The FDA’s minimum particulate filtration efficiency to pass its testing is 95 percent.

Information from the CDC Guide, “Factors to Consider When Planning to Purchase Respirators from Another Country,” may also be helpful.  Other reference sources include the CDC’s strategies for optimizing the supply of PPE, including guidance on extended use and limited reuse of N95 filtering facepiece respirators (FFRs) and methods for decontaminating and reusing disposable filtering facepiece respirators during crises.

Pricing on PPE of all types may vary significantly among suppliers, and from one day or week to the next for a specific supplier – depending on supply chain changes and rates charged by manufacturers.  Comparison shopping is advised to help ensure you receive fair prices.

If you have concerns about regulatory compliance of products, or significant concerns about PPE pricing from a specific supplier listed below, please notify the AAO at [email protected].


Due to expansion of glove and gown requirements for healthcare providers in other countries, shortages of gloves in particular have been reported by some AAO members in recent months. This section lists companies that have responded to our March 2021 query regarding glove inventories. They also offer other types of PPE:

Magnum Ortho
Magnum Ortho has not experienced demand for gloves recently and so does not have gloves in stock. The supplier has access to nitrile gloves, however, and welcomes inquiries from orthodontists who would like to discuss their supply needs going forward.
Learn more:  Contact Mark Hamid at [email protected] or 480-633-2777.

Orthazone – Orthodontic Supply Marketplace and Inventory Software
▪ AAO members receive 20% OFF Nitrile gloves. All sizes are in stock and ready to ship!
▪ AAO members also can use coupon code (see below) on already low-priced PPE, gowns, masks and shields – 20% OFF
▪ Orthazone is a free to use online marketplace, that offers comprehensive inventory management software and an overhead analysis dashboard. 
Learn more:  Call for a free demo: 1-800-833-7132. Visit (Use coupon code AAOGLOVES)

Orthodontic Details Marketplace
Details allows you to order from multiple suppliers through one check-out funnel. Gloves are currently available from reputable suppliers along with masks, wipes and more. Free shipping and a No Back-Order Guarantee*: Details works with suppliers to ensure no orders become back-ordered. If they do, Details refunds the customer and offers alternative suppliers to fulfill the order.
*Use code AAO for Free Shipping on PPE.
Learn More:

SmileStream Solutions
SmileStream currently has gloves in stock, with the exception of size Small. An additional large restocking order delivery is expected in April. Other products are also well-stocked. Bulk order pricing is available.
Learn more:  Contact Seth Barrett at 720-467-3268 or [email protected].


Advanced Concept Innovations (ACI)ACI offers clear full-length PET (Polycarbonate and Polyester) face shields (12” length x 13” width), designed to help protect against splashes and sprays. Each shield includes a 1” – 1.25” thick by 9” long foam piece that keeps the shield off the face to support comfort.  A 13” long elastic band is stapled to the shield for additional security and comfort.  Made in Lakeland, Florida, USA.  One size fits most.  Packed 50 per carton.
Learn More:  Contact Kevin Pulcini at [email protected] or 863-688-1200, Ext. 7418. Visit

Allure Orthodontics
Allure will soon offer KN95 face masks, priced at $175 for a box of 50 ($3.50 per mask), and disposable face shields for $45 for a package of 10.
Learn more: Contact Dan Elkin, president, at [email protected] or 844-442-5587. (The company website,, does not have a PPE section because it is not a usual product category, but orders may be placed and they will provide shipping specifics depending on what is ordered.)

Anutra Medical
Anutra Medical offers portable, refillable spray hand-sanitizer in pocket-sized, eco-friendly containers and “refill” stations.
Learn More:  Visit; Contact Jeff Daner at [email protected].

AMP Medical PPE and Disinfection
AMP Medical PPE and Disinfection has indicated to the AAO that the N95 masks that it is offering are made by a company included on the CDC’s list of NIOSH-approved manufacturers (see above).
Other PPE supplies such as gowns, face shields, ear loop masks and more are also available.
Learn more:  Visit; Contact Matt Lindahl at [email protected] or 772-678-0899.

Bright View Technologies
High-tech manufacturer Bright View has retooled to manufacture disposable face shields. The company has immediately available inventory and can supply large volumes of face shields. These face shields have been tested and meet the ANSI/ISEA Z78.1-2015 D3 American National Standard for Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices.
Learn More:  Visit; email: [email protected]

chePPE currently has a strong inventory of XL, L and M-sized nitrile exam gloves. Small-sized gloved will be available soon. In addition, chePPE offers KN95 masks, face shields and disposable gowns and will soon have surgical masks available as well.  Products are stored in the company’s Arizona facility and shipping normally occurs within 48 hours of order placement.
chePPE has indicated to the AAO that the KN95 masks that it is selling are made by a company included on the updated list of Chinese manufacturers whose masks are authorized by the FDA (see above).
Learn More:  Visit Please email questions to [email protected]Use coupon code AAO10 to receive 10 percent off your order subtotal.

Level 2 Gowns:
 Dow is selling Level 2 medical isolation gowns to orthodontic practices, with small-volume orders accepted. The company currently has approximately 80,000 gowns in stock.
Learn More: Visit the product page at Dow’s website; contact Elizabeth Kench at [email protected].

DynaFlex is offering face shields, KN95 face masks, Level 1 earloop face masks, no-touch thermometers, safety glasses, tray covers and tray sleeves, Cavicide/Cavicide1 and heat sterilizers. 
Learn more:

Erwyn Products
Erwyn Products, a hospitality industry supplier for 40 years, has re-tooled its manufacturing capabilities to make face shields. All parts are made in the USA and the shields are assembled in the company’s Roselle, New Jersey factory. The company has produced 40,000 pieces and can continue manufacturing 40,000 pieces per week. Further scale-up is possible if demand warrants. 150 pieces is considered the minimum order; however, samples are available and small quantity trial orders may be placed.
Learn more:  Visit; Contact Robin Miller, sales manager at 732-813-3604.

Evo Exhibits
Exhibit production firm Evo is offering reusable, adjustable, latex-free face shields that fit over standard eyewear or orthodontist loupes. Shields are made in the United States and may be cleaned with warm water and non-abrasive dish soap. AAO member discount price:  $5.49 per piece (minimum of 10 per order), plus shipping.
Learn more:

Houston-based ExactMade has indicated to the AAO that its KN95 mask from Dr. Family (under manufacturer Jinhua Jiadaifu) is included on the FDA-approved EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) list (see above).
ExactMade (Est. 1997) is offering a limited supply of FDA-approved KN95 masks at below-market pricing—for as little as $1.15 each or $23 for a box of 20.
Learn more:  Contact Wendy Stanley at 713.504.0362 or email directly at [email protected]

Henry Schein Orthodontics
Henry Schein Orthodontics has indicated to the AAO that the N95 masks that it is offering are made by a U.S. company included on the CDC’s list of NIOSH-approved manufacturers (see above).
Henry Schein offers AAO members FDA-approved face shields and N95 respirator masks. Cost is $395 for a box of 100 face shields (includes soft foam headback and adjustable Tyvek strap) and $159 for a box of 20 N95 masks. The company’s pricing information includes the statement: “The current global demand has caused price increases from manufacturers across the board. We anticipate that prices will come down during the next few months and we will continue to procure product at the best possible prices.”
Learn More:  
Email: [email protected]

Innovative Material and Devices, Inc. (IMD)
IMD offers disposable medical face masks, particle filtering face masks, medical face shields and goggles.
Learn more: Email – [email protected]

Kenmore Envelope Company
Kenmore, a printer and manufacturer of envelopes, has recently opened a new division called Kenmore Cares and is producing face shields. Pricing is currently at $3.50 per piece for the entire assembled face shield (sold at 48 pieces per box) or $.75 per piece for the plastic portion only. These can be purchased via the website. Please contact Mike Stoop for large orders over 10,000 pieces.  Disclosure:  Products are not FDA-approved but are covered under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization.
Learn more:, or Mike Stoop at [email protected].

ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists
ImageFIRST rents isolation gowns, scrubs and lab coats to healthcare customers. Most customers also utilize the company’s laundering and delivery service to clean and sanitize the apparel, to help address patient and staff safety needs.
Learn more:  Visit

IOS International Orthodontic Service
IOS is selling KN95 masks, disposable face masks, and face shields at the cost of purchase (no profit).  All products are currently in stock, and will be shipped out immediately.
Learn more:  or call  +1 832 342 9487

Modern Arch
Modern Arch offers 3-ply masks with PFE of 98 percent at 0.1 micron, Nitrile PF gloves and self-sealing autoclave bags. BioSonic concentrate. face shields, gowns and head and shoe covers are coming soon. AAO members placing orders during May will receive a 10 percent discount.
Learn more:  Call 1-866-MOD-ARCH or 610-376-0700

NEXVOO has indicated to the AAO that, as of May 15, it is purchasing KN95 masks made by a company included on the updated list of Chinese manufacturers whose masks are authorized by the FDA (see above). NEXVOO says it will fill orders from AAO members from the FDA-authorized inventory.

  • KN95 Mask, CODE: KN95CRISISORTHO1,000 (1000 for a discount of $2,000)
  • KN95 Mask, CODE: KN95CRISISORTHO100 (100 for a discount of $200)
  • KN95 Mask,  CODE: KN95ORTHO1000 (1,000 for a discount of $1,000);
  • KN95 Mask, CODE: KN95ORTHO100 (100 for a discount of $100);
  • Nitrile Gloves FDA Certified CODE GLOVEORTHO, (10 Boxes of 100 for a discount $50)
  • Protective Face Shield. CODE: SHIELDORTHO100 (100 for a discount of $25);
  • 3 Ply Surgical Masks, FDA Approved & CE Certified. CODE: 3PLYORTHO1000 (1,000 for a discount of $500);
  • Infrared Non-Touch Thermometer. CODE: IRORTHO (1 for a discount of $5.)
  • NEXVOO is also introducing a non-woven TPU isolation gown (a full-coverage, breathable AAMI Level 3  medical protection gown). CODE: GOWNORTHO100 (100 for a discount of $100) and now a Level 1 gown CODE: 1GOWNORTHO (100 for a discount of $75). Many of the gown sizes are in stock; for sizes that are currently ordered, the lead time is 21 days or less – please email [email protected] with your size requirements XSM, SM, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL and quantity at the time of your order.
  • Protective Goggles CODE: GOGGLEORTHO (10 FOR A DISCOUNT OF $170)
  • Healthfone – Exec IP Phone with 8-inch HD Screen for tele-healthcare. CODE FONEORTHO (1 FOR A DISCOUNT OF $40)

Learn more:

One Beat Medical
One Beat Medical, which recently merged with Foremost Medical, offers face shields (V1, V1.5 and V2.5), N95 masks, hand sanitizer, contactless infrared thermometers and nitrile powder-free exam gloves.
Learn more:  Visit

Oraline has indicated to the AAO that the KN95 masks that it offers are made by a company included on the updated list of Chinese manufacturers whose masks are authorized by the FDA (see above).
By mid-June, OraLine® expects to have available disposable face shields, KN95 masks, ASTM Level 2 premium face masks and non-contact infrared thermometers.  Discounts are based on quantities ordered.
Learn more:  Contact Jacob Moses at [email protected]

Reliance Orthodontic Products
Reliance has protective eyewear ready to ship. Other items that may be of interest for infection risk management include bonding adhesives and etchants in single patient use packaging; sterilizable cheek retractors; disposable prophy angles; and more.
Learn more: Call: 800-323-4348 or visit

Saratoga Horseworks/Custom Sewn Products
Saratoga Horseworks/Custom Sewn Products has converted its production to PPE, including face shields and non-surgical isolation gowns (made in the USA), which are being sold to dentists and other healthcare providers.
Learn more:  Visit; Contact [email protected] or call 518-842-7555.

Mouthguard maker SISU has shifted production to PPE. The company is offering face shields with discounts for orders over 100 units. SISU has now dropped prices and wishes to serve the orthodontic and dental markets exclusively. Face shields are in stock and can ship right away.  SISU has recently introduced a new face shield designed for use in dental settings. Shipping is not included and averages $10 – $15.
Learn more: Visit; email – [email protected] or call 734-681-9991.

TPC Dental
TPC Dental has indicated to the AAO that the KN95 masks that it offers are made by a company included on the updated list of Chinese manufacturers whose masks are authorized by the FDA (see above).

TPC Dental is offering KN95 face masks, face shields and non-contact infrared thermometers (available May 15); N95 masks (available June 15) and extra-oral suction units (available June 30).
Learn more: Contact Scott Beckley at [email protected] or 949-872-7561.

White Oak Orthodontics has indicated to the AAO that the N95 masks that it is offering are made by a company included on the CDC’s list of NIOSH-approved manufacturers (see above).
White Oak ships within 24 hours of order placement.  Pricing for N95 masks:  60 masks for $479.40.
Learn More:  Visit


Since the start of the pandemic, many AAO members have reported using virtual tools for the first phase of the consultation process as well as for remote monitoring of patient progress.

Please note: The AAO believes there are certain diagnoses and evaluations that can only be performed in-person or are best performed in-person (X-rays, etc.), and as a result, the AAO believes orthodontic TREATMENT should not begin before a physical, in-person examination/evaluation of the patient has occurred by a state-licensed dentist.

When considering the purchase of any virtual technology for use in your practice, we recommend confirming that the treatment approach facilitated by the technology is in compliance with your state or provincial dental board’s current rules on teledentistry. The teledentistry policy landscape has been evolving quickly.

Below are suppliers interested in providing technology to orthodontists interested in using virtual tools. Additional vendors will be added in the future.

AAO member Dr. Adam Schulhof developed Grin to help orthodontists remotely monitor their patients via the Grin App and Grin Scope. With the Grin platform, orthodontists can see into their patient’s mouth much as if they were present for an in-person appointment and provide a means to see their patients’ teeth between in-person visits. Through their COVID initiative, Grin is offering the first qualifying AAO orthodontists the opportunity to use a limited number of their remote monitoring solutions at no cost. You have three months from August 28, 2020 to apply and onboard your patients, so sign up now!
Learn More: Visit to sign up or use plan code AAOGRIN2020.

Endorsed by the AAO at the onset of the pandemic, SmileSnap offers an AAO member-only price discount. The platform safely and securely offers virtual consultations and visits for new or existing patients. Virtual consultations are supported by a customizable widget where potential patients can upload photos for an online smile assessment prior to the in-office exam.SmileSnap now offers “Record & Send Video” to personalize the digital experience, making a great first impression. Virtual visits can be scheduled or conducted instantly via live video chat. The iOS and Android mobile app make it easy to use when on-the-go.  Provide greater access to your practice today! Learn More:  Visit


The AAO is providing information regarding partitions as a resource for members. However, please be aware that the AAO COVID-19 Task Force has not issued any recommendation regarding the use of partitions, ventilation or air filtration systems, or other HVAC-related products.

Members should use their own professional discretion. Please consult with appropriate professionals in these areas and review any relevant guidance from your state and/or local authorities, before utilizing any of these products as part of your practice’s PPE regimen.

Evo Environments
Evo Environments offers hygienic barriers and room dividers for orthodontic practices:
– Dividers may be used to separate patient chairs and work areas and help manage the flow of foot traffic. Evo dividers feature light-weight aluminum frames, acrylic and/or PVC inserts, and non-tripping hazard feet. Branding or decor elements may also be added.
– Barriers sit or attach to counter tops, tables or reception areas without drilling and causing damage. Cut-outs are available for transactions.
Discounts are available to AAO members for any custom products designed to fit specific space needs.  Also, see Evo’s listing for face shields in the PPE section of this page.
Learn More:  Visit Evo’s web page for AAO members.  Or, contact Lisa Davidson – 630-520-0715 – ([email protected]).

Goff’s Enterprises
Goff’s Enterprises has manufactured commercial partitioning products since 1987 for many industries and is offering Goff’s Personal Safety Partitions to orthodontic practices. Hanging and free-standing models are available.
Learn More: Visit Email:  [email protected] or call 800-234-0337.

Upstaging is a concert production company referred to the AAO by a member, that has converted operations to supplying PPE and office supplies related to infection control.  The supplier carries two styles of face shields – standard and extended – as well as freestanding counter shields for reception/ checkout areas, treatment area dividers and waiting area dividers. Treatment area dividers and waiting room dividers are available for delivery within 150 miles of Chicago.
Learn more: Or, contact Jerry Swatek at [email protected] or 847-343-3345.