Employees of AAO members may access a wealth of practice management and clinical online learning opportunities via a new, easy-to-navigate platform that offers access to both archived Online Lectures and live webinar registration and information.

Live Webinars

The easy to scan live webinars page offers brief descriptions of each upcoming webinar as well as dates, cost information and access to additional details/registration. Upcoming webinars for orthodontic staff include:

Orthodontic Staff (registration $40 per practice): “The Correct Technique to Achieve Maximum Bond Strength on All Intraoral Surfaces,” by Paul Gange Sr., March 28 or March 30.

Online Lectures

The Online Lectures section of the platform provides easy access to all archived Online Lectures in each package category, including dozens of clinical, administrative and patient management lectures for orthodontic staff. Scroll down to the middle of the page and click on fee-based lecture packages for Staff.

Online Lectures subscriptions for Doctors, which include the Staff lectures package, are available for $100 per year. AAO members and their employees may also view any lecture for $30 pay-per-view. Members of the Orthodontic Staff Club receive a free annual subscription to Online Lectures.

Within the Online Lectures packages, each lecture description is tagged based on what the lecture addresses. If you click on a tag, such as finance or office administration, all lectures on the platform pertaining to that topic will appear on the display.

Orthodontic staff may also find many lectures in the free Business of Orthodontics Online Lectures package to be relevant to their jobs.

Click here to learn more about offerings for doctors on the online learning platform.

System Requirements for Online Lectures on the New Platform

To view Online Lectures, you will need:

  • Browser​: ​IE9 or ​greater​​, Chrome, Firefox​ (​n​ewer browsers are recommended for HLS compatibility);
  • Cookies enabled on the ​users​ machine and network (network ​administrators can and will limit cookie traffic on secured networks);
  • Adobe Flash plugin installed at latest version OR HLS capable ​browser;
  • Bandwidth (recommended): 1.2 Mbps or g​reater.